i paint on
the shadows of time1435
and whatever was left behind
in absentia.

whimpers are benign
and loss, sublime
the nude dementia,
speak of heaven to me.

hovering, towering
the gates of dawn
the squeaky Azaan
find me, will you?

Ik Nukta

Death is strange,
not a stranger.

I cried
not for long.
I missed
not for long.
I was the one
not for long.

Memory is what keeps us alive.
Memory would be dead too, soon.

And hence, I killed myself
like everyone else.

So is birth, strange!
But not a stranger,
not anymore.

I found me
and I was alive.

When I lose me,
I die
even before Azrael’s descent
even before death.

Death is strange
but not a stranger!

Summer’s Dream

Between sea and smoke
where shall i seek you
when there’s no moon in the sky
and my finger grow frail
in your absence
where shall i paint you?

When the lights go off
will the illumination too?
The Fakir at Dargah knows
not why he is blinded.
Beloved is all he sees.
Beloved is all he seeks.

I am a refugee
cloaking fears and desires.
Seven masks for seven days
I am all. I am none.

Carefully creased memories lie
intertwined with folded threads of my being
I am afraid, I cannot wear myself

But, let’s hold hand,
and walk in synchronised steps.
Let’s jump over the gates of
thoughts and free them all.
Let them fly away.
We are our own thoughts.
We are our own captors.

We Never Leave

The scent of airport coffee
Fabric of 747′s window seat
Flight attendant’s rude smile
Places we are going to see
We never leave.

Clouds filled with stories
Winds carrying memories
The bright sunshine ever so smiles
Where are we headed to?
For, We never leave.

The city lost its color
The roads scattered themselves around
The houses, torn down
Years and months passed by in absence, but
We never leave.

When did we return?
asks the baker, everytime
we visit the downtown shop of memory
I remind him yet again
We never leave.

But where were you
The child in me questions
I never looked under the bed
No, I wasn’t afraid
Heart is a strange place
And I always knew
We never leave.

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Supne aur Khwaab, Paash aur Raashid

Kirat di lutt ,Sab ton khatarnak nahin hundi
Police di kutt,Sab ton khatarnak nahin hundi
Gaddaari-lobh di muth,Sab ton khatarnak nahin hundi

Kapat de shor vich
Sahi hundia vee dab jaana,Bura tan hai
kise jugnoo di lo vich padan lag jaana,Bura taan hai
Sab ton khatarnak nahin hunda

Sab ton khatarnak hunda hai
Na hona tadap da
Sabh kujh sehan kar jaana
Ghar ton niklana kamm,
te kamm to ghar aana

Sab ton khatarnak hunda hai,
Saade supniaan da mar jaana

~Avtaar Singh Paash

Shehar ke goshon main hain, bikhray huwe bashakasta sar-burida khwaab
jin se shehar wale bekhabar hain
ghoomta hun shehar ke goshon mai roz-0-shab
ke unko jama kar loon
dil ki bhatti mai tapaoon
jis se chut jaye purana mail
unk dast-o-pa phir se ubhar ayain
chamak uthain lab-0-rukhsar-0-gardan
jaise no-arasta dulhon ke dil ki hasratain
phir se in khawabon ko samaitain

khwab le lo, khwab
subah hotey hi chouwk mai ja kar lagata hoon sada
“khwaab asli hain ke naqli”
yun parkhtay hian k jaise un se barh kar khwaab daan koi na ho
khwab gar mian bhi nai
surat gar-e-saani hoon bas
haan magar meri maeeshat ka sahara khwab hain

shaam ho jati hai
mai phir se lagata hoon sadaa
“muft le lo muft,  ye sonay k khwaab”
ye aur dar jatey hain aur chupke se sirak jatey hain
“dekhna ye muft kehta hai
khaeen koi dhoka na ho
aisa koi shobda pinha na ho
ghar pohanch kar toot jayain
ya pighal jayain ye khwaab
bhak se urh jayain kaheen
ya hum pe koi sehar kar dalain ye khwab”
ji nahi..kis kam k aisey kabari k khwab
aisey nabeena kabari k ye khwab

raat hojati hia
khwabon k paleenday sar pe rakh kar moon basooray lotta hoon
raat bhar bar barata hoon
“ye le lo khwab”
“aur le lo mujh se in ke daam bhi”
“khwaab lelo, khwaab”
“mere khwaab..meray khwaab”
in k daam bhi

~Noon Meem Raashid