Here’s one to another Pakistani Artist.
He has his musical roots in Croatia where he spent 13 years and produced two albums of solely Irish music. He was first seen in Coke Studio reciting “Husn-e-Haqiqi”. He was part of season 3 with “Na Raindi Hai”.So to speak, he has unique style of his own that makes his music different and transcending. Arieb Azhar has redefined Sufi music scenario with his jeans and t-shirt, goateed and shaved head covered in a bandana.

Yeah, the music. It is all encompassing and connects with one’s inner self, exactly what you expect out of a sufi. He has recorded an album besides some solos.

Ghoom Charkhaya.
If you are Pathana Khan fan, you would be familiar with the song. I heard the Khan’s version first.

Saif Malook
I have more than ten versions of this song by various artists. This one sure is among top three.

Name of his album is Wajj and it is spectacular. Jindri Luthi, Make Gayan, well each track is incredible.


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