Postive – Skteches

Sketches released”Nind Nashe Vich” yesterday.
Video production is superb with  stunning backgrounds. One of the best videos from a Pakistani Production house. I think they copied my idea of a perfect breakout with truck rides and the desert. The music is pristine like the village chai. The Poetry, well when there’s Bulleh Shah, I should dare not comment.

It turns out Sketches have actually combined two songs, which fit in pretty well for them.
Positive The Band (A weird name for sufi band) did actually release the two as independent. They kind of took a more intense route with the guitars, missed the bass though, and have done a pretty incredible job. I loved “Awaz Aya Hik”. There vocals aren’t soft as Sketches and the song has highs and lows unlike Sketches.

Postive’s version of “Alif Allah Meem Muhammad” is more or less flat. They have kept the song real slow more like recitation of hymns, sounded very much like Sami Yusuf’s  “Allahumma.” This tempo has brought in a different style to the song which turns out to be rather monotonous, i must admit.

All this whining about “Alif Allah” is all because I love Allan Faqir’s version. Tradition, Simple and Alluring.

The only Allan One.


kuch yun kicheen hogi lakeeren taqdeer ki
ki mera hi chehra ubar aata hai har qagaz par uzair.
dehsaht mein khaak mutala tha main bhi
par farq-e-momin-o-moslem kise pata
koun jaane.

kuch yun samjha imaan hum ne bhi
ki wehshat ko slaam jaan baithe.
nafs se khaak ladae aaj ka Moslem
par farq-e-Jihad-o-Kital kise pata
koun jaane.

kuch yun lade hum haq ke liye.
ki vatn mein chand desh bana baithe.
hijab toh kitne sajaye humne bhi uzair
par farq-e-quran-o-hadith kise pata
koun jaane.

kuch yun jamhoor barphaya misr mein
ki zarra zarra Mubarak chillaya.
khilafat ko toh khoob chahein hum bhi
par farq-e-sufi-o-salaf kise pata
koun jaane.

kuch yun jang jeetein apni azadi ki
ke akhir hue bandi apni hi quom ke.
jahaaz toh beshumar phool barsaayain aaj bhi
par farq-e-talib-o-taliban kise pata
koun jaane.

kuch yun na hue bebasi ke sangi
ki jahiliyat ka haal hamara bhi tha.
akhbaarat mein na chapvaaye fasaane na tum ne, na hum ne
par farq-e-Obama-o-Osama Kise pata
koun jaane.

kuch yun na tu kehlaye ga tarrakki yafta uzair
ke kuch seekh rang maghribi aftaab ke.
kyun na tode tu maikhaane ko behoushi ke
par farq-e-duniya-o-akhirat kise pata
koun jaane.



(Polish of mirror distorts the view, creates a virtual image. An image which isn’t bounded by physicality and transcends into inner self and even merges with it to recreate the alternate, which is just a thought. And thoughts are always perceived as depicted comes none.)

Na sajai kabhi hum ne bhi, apni inteha-e-talab
Aur na hi pucha tumne hamara haal, Toh Kya.
Dhun toh khub gungunaayi humne apni chahat-e-izhaar ki
Ab usi besuri ko royein hum, Toh Kya.

Har khaayal ki tabeer hui tum se hi
Tameer na hue mehal gul-o-afshan ke, Toh Kya.
Woh zamaana hi tha berookhi ka
Ayaa naam tumhare labh par bhi, Toh Kya.

Syaah andhera bhi na chupa saka tumhein
Jalaaye deep tishnagi hum ne bhi, Toh Kya.
Tum rahe bezaar apni behoshi mein
Ab chahaa hum ne bhi tumhein, Toh Kya

Tumhari chahaat ki talab kab thi humein Uzair
Hum toh bas jurrat-e-bepardaghi ne kar saake.
Bas issi soch mein jeete hain, ki agar
Tum na hote, toh kya hum Hum na hote !

Kal Aaj Aur Kal

(Laal. Kal Aaj aur Kal by Aitzaz Ahsan)Dunya Ki Tarikh Gawa Hai
Adl Bina Jamoor Na Hoga
Adl Hoa To Des Hamara
Kabhi Bhi Chakna Choor Na Hoga
Adl Bina Kamzoor Aedaray
Adl Bina Kamzoor Ikaiyaan
Adl Bina Bebas Har Shehari
Adl Bina Har Simt Dohaiyan
Dunya Ki Tarikh Mein Socho
Kub Koi Munsifh Kaid Hoa Hai
Aamir Ki Apni Hi Ana Say
Adl Yahan Na Paid Hoa Hai


The graveyard of faith is still empty.
and hopes still sober.
The mist of lust is still grounded
and dreams still wild.
Another year passes by

The caste of poor is still inferior
and equality still guaranteed.
The terror of colours is still strong
and brotherhood still averred.
Another year passes by

The jail of devils is still policed by Satan
and democracy still sold.
The bullets of claim are still fired
and peace still aspired.
Another year passes by

Dark cloud of pantheon still shadow the bright sun
and heavens still exist.
The solitude of perseverance is still confined
and rationality still blind.
Another year passes by

Years pass away, and days
Well they always stay.
Milestones are for the jubilant.
Traveler still counts his steps.
Another day passes by!