Postive – Skteches

Sketches released”Nind Nashe Vich” yesterday.
Video production is superb with  stunning backgrounds. One of the best videos from a Pakistani Production house. I think they copied my idea of a perfect breakout with truck rides and the desert. The music is pristine like the village chai. The Poetry, well when there’s Bulleh Shah, I should dare not comment.

It turns out Sketches have actually combined two songs, which fit in pretty well for them.
Positive The Band (A weird name for sufi band) did actually release the two as independent. They kind of took a more intense route with the guitars, missed the bass though, and have done a pretty incredible job. I loved “Awaz Aya Hik”. There vocals aren’t soft as Sketches and the song has highs and lows unlike Sketches.

Postive’s version of “Alif Allah Meem Muhammad” is more or less flat. They have kept the song real slow more like recitation of hymns, sounded very much like Sami Yusuf’s  “Allahumma.” This tempo has brought in a different style to the song which turns out to be rather monotonous, i must admit.

All this whining about “Alif Allah” is all because I love Allan Faqir’s version. Tradition, Simple and Alluring.

The only Allan One.


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