Kesariya Balam

My first encounter with this folk legend was with the short film “Little Terrorist.” The film portrayed LoC and post-partition differences, the new society on both sides of the fence. The song was artfully adopted to welcome the guest, little terrorist from the other side.
So much of introduction, this post is about the best renditions of  this folk sings, that I managed to listen to. Let me start with the bollywoodish Richa Sharma which is bollywoodisation of the folk with an attempt to keep the folkness alive.

Vocals are pretty off beat (any disagreements would be entertained after you have listened to all the following ones. there won’t be any by then)
Next one is folk done by folk artist on outskirts of Pink City. The music and vocals blend in perfectly, like a true folk rendition. Artists like these have been marginalized by the onslaught of music giants and production houses. Rich music heritage flows to gutters, the Sheilas and Munnis haan!

Now into the zone. The classical renditions from renowned artists. This is where I don’t have to write much, given my illiteracy in classical music. (I should change that, *plans*.) From an artist, I have little idea about. I am guessing she would be famous in some region, given her amazing voice.

I got my hands on Mehdi Hassan’s rendition some years ago and loved this songs, still do though it has moved to number two now.. It still has the maximum play count of all Mehdi’s songs on my ipod. ………..  Like I said illiteracy dignified.

Speaking about the purpose of this post and the reason I enumerated all renditions. Ustad Naseeruddin Sami. He performed in Coke Studio’s last season, I kindda liked that song but Padharo Hamera Des has raised him to an all new level. My favorite. I would have liked to blabber on about his amazingness, but illiteracy  mars( I should do something about it, *seriously*).


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