Pyx #3

In this journey of a year and half and of about seventy posts, the gossip wasn’t about the near surrounding. My endeavors of writing about experiences and ideas that are far stretched at times from the reality, but still are based on little experiences of life have had a strike. There are hardly a few posts describing the experiences of eternal routine, disgruntling the few who know Uzair all too well.
Shying away from immediate reality and not appreciating the amazing events of present is part of psyche, hard coded may be. At times one needs insanity to acknowledge he has been lucky, being sober ain’t that great when emotions try filling in the little self created voids of expression.  Delusional grandeur of future, the immersion in past keeps one away from flights of today. It is amazing how an event can completely realign the course of things. It is in this liminality that we rediscover ourselves, before we plunge into the wide ocean once again.

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