Sahibo Sath Cham

Muneem sings Mahjoor.

Poets and Peers

Shair bahut punjab zameen de,  hoye danish waale

awal seikh Fareed Shakarganj
arif alh-e-waliyat
ek ek sukhan zuban o di da
rehabar rah hidayat.

te phir Sultan Bahu ek hoya
khaasa mard haqqani
tode paak zabaan oh di de
raushan doinn jahaani.

Bulleh Shah di kaafi sun ke
turta kuffar andar da
ibadat de darya ve andar
o vi vadya taar da

sewak khaas shukhan da hoya
duni chadar zaa da
baazi jit sukhan di us vi
keh kabit zyaada.

Waris Shah sukhan da waris
neende kaun unha nu
harf o de te ungal tarni
nahi koi kadar assa nu.

jug jug jive devan aala
jis eh karam kamaye
andar mere bagh sukhan de
dhan maali jis laaye.

~Mian Muhammad Bakhsh

Poets of Punjab are immersed in wisdom.
Farid Shakarganj – guide to the path of righteousness.
Sultan Bahu – man of truism.
Bulleh Shah – servant of poetry, always short and precise.
Waris Shah – infallible with his writings.


In far off horizon
sea meets the sky,
Twirling winds with fathomless waves
as clouds clutter away,
Sparkling sun shines
in your eyes; i drew
painting of my heart.

As thoughts vanish
and the aura of speech is defied;
unfilled chalice glitters beneath
amok fireflies illuminating the sky
bribed by the radiant smile
of the cold morning sun.

Mughal Road


Mughal Road Map

It all begins in history which I am not very well aware of. None the less, Mughal Road was used by Mughal Emperors to travel to Kashmir. It has a legacy of few hundred years and connects towns of Poonch and Rajouri with Shopiyan in the valley. The new vehicular road is near completion its completion( which was supposed to happen a couple of years ago). It passes through a wildlife sanctuary and has some great tourist destinations on either side of the magnificent Peer ki gali.

Noori Chamb Enroute Mughal road near Bufliaz

Journey starts at Bufliaz named after Alexander the Great’s horse. From across here the Panjals rise high up like a wall. Noori Chamb has cut deep into the rocks and now is barely visible from the road which it used to be a few years ago. Route follows Bufliyaz – Chandimarh – Chattapani – Peer Ki Gali – Aliabad ki Saran – Dubjyian – Shopiyan. Government plans no developing Peer Ki Gali and Dubjiyan as major tourist destinations.

The mighty Panjals

Near Peer Ki Gali

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