Mughal Road


Mughal Road Map

It all begins in history which I am not very well aware of. None the less, Mughal Road was used by Mughal Emperors to travel to Kashmir. It has a legacy of few hundred years and connects towns of Poonch and Rajouri with Shopiyan in the valley. The new vehicular road is near completion its completion( which was supposed to happen a couple of years ago). It passes through a wildlife sanctuary and has some great tourist destinations on either side of the magnificent Peer ki gali.

Noori Chamb Enroute Mughal road near Bufliaz

Journey starts at Bufliaz named after Alexander the Great’s horse. From across here the Panjals rise high up like a wall. Noori Chamb has cut deep into the rocks and now is barely visible from the road which it used to be a few years ago. Route follows Bufliyaz – Chandimarh – Chattapani – Peer Ki Gali – Aliabad ki Saran – Dubjyian – Shopiyan. Government plans no developing Peer Ki Gali and Dubjiyan as major tourist destinations.

The mighty Panjals

Near Peer Ki Gali


Dhok Girjan on the left.

Towards Peer Ki Gali

Dhok Girjan


Aliabad ki Saran

On the Road, a gujjar family.

Aliabad Ki Saran

Peer Ki Gali

Peer Ki Gali. Shopiyan 40Km. Dubjiyan 20Km

Dhok Girjan

Peer Ki Gali

On the move, again.


2 thoughts on “Mughal Road

  1. I had visited Girjan Dhok;Godarian wali and one Devil accent and ,Pancch Tarri;and all 7 Lakes Nandan Sar and others in year 1980 &1982.That time color photographs were(not) taken due to lack of resources and Technology .It is commanding effort, therefore ,I salute you;-annuj Kapoor senior Advocate

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