Reading through quora posts on greatest solo’s ever, I was reminded of three great performances from artists of sub-continent. To me these are finest examples of versatility, spontaneity and perfection. They tear apart the mundanes that is usually associated to Hindustani classical.

The first one is a performance by Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, accompanied by Farukkh Fateh and Ustad Taari Khan at the Washington state university. Here Ustad thrills with his prowess and a six octave vocal range. The song – Dhan Dhan Bhag Hamari Sajni.

The second is one from from Monterey Pop festival that was held way back in 1967 where Pandit Ravi Shankar performed for about four hours. Fast Teental with Alla Rakha on Tabla is one of finest performances on Sitar. The video  has footage from the festival, a peek into life in 60s.

The last one is Teental by Ustad Shaukat Hussain who could perform in both Delhi and Lahore style. Raag Teental with Ustad Nathoo Khan on Sarangi.


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