Classical Music of Kashmir

The word ‘Kashmir’ isn’t common on any of the music blogs that I follow. Rather this was the first time, I read ‘Kashmir’ on a blog that has a long list of various Raag and artists of Hindustani classical genre, probably the longest list. Blogpost had a download link and said the performance was held in Germany in the year 1984.

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A Strange Request

One day a king was shooting in a jungle, when he came across a, faqir.

“Salam ! ” said he. “Can I do anything for you ? ”

“No, thank you,” replied the faqir. ” Can I do anything for you ?”

“Yes,” said the king. “I want a wife exactly like myself in appearance and height.”

“Alas ! ” said the faqir, “you have asked a hard thing; nevertheless I can do it for you. But be warned; the woman will prove unfaithful.”

“Never mind,” said His Majesty. “If you can grant me this request, please do so.”

On this the faqir arose, and flourishing an axe, clave the king’s head in two, and then buried the body.

“God,” cried he, “hear my prayer, and cause the king to appear again and a woman exactly like him in height and appearance.”

The prayer was heard. The king rose again, and after him a woman like him.

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