Classical Music of Kashmir

The word ‘Kashmir’ isn’t common on any of the music blogs that I follow. Rather this was the first time, I read ‘Kashmir’ on a blog that has a long list of various Raag and artists of Hindustani classical genre, probably the longest list. Blogpost had a download link and said the performance was held in Germany in the year 1984.

The act opens up with an intricate santoor recital, lost in its divinity all that lasts are images of Dal with its little waves and a clouded Zabarwan with all its stillness, standing tall beneath the clouds. Voices of Ustad Ghulam Muhammad and Abdul Rahman Lohn add to magic of journey. Sadly, the language is still foreign to me. But the gentle melody didn’t leave anything to mere understanding. I assumed the words are outer-worldly, a lesson I learnt from listening to Shahram Nazeri who sounds awfully similar to this record.

The second recording is a performance by grand-son of Ustad Ghulam,  Ustad Yaqoub Shiekh. The tablas are loud and are accompanied by a chorus this time. Tempo is slightly higher. But it does not deviate away from the melody and is firmly grounded in tradition. The video constitutes of two tracks. The second track sounds folkish. It rhymes beautifully and is plain.

With Ustad Sheikh Yacoub (voice and santûr) and 6 young men and women (tabla, setar, saz-e-Kashmir)
For almost 20 years, Ustad Sheikh Yacoub address directory Sufiana with his disciples, young people – boys and girls alike – keen to contribute to the preservation of musical scholar of Kashmir. These brave the taboo that women should be kept away from the artistic practice. ~Google Translate

(Source: oriental-traditional-music, dailymotion)


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