Beyond the second ridge lies LoC.

River carries with it
Snow of distant peaks,
Floating memories
Twigs, leaves.

Only a few miles west
it would be stripped
at the border, asked
to produce a permit,
shot dead or may be not.

Waters were negotiated upon;
so the river travels seamlessly
only a few miles west
to another country.

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A World,s Heritage Of Native Music


Remembering Ustaad Tibetbaqal




Ustaad Muhammad Abdullah Tibetbaqal (July 14, 1914 – January 03, 1982 S/o Kh.Abdul Gani Bota Wani) was a non Caste Sufiyana Vocalist and Instrumentalist (Santoor etc) famously known as the “King of Santoor”. He was regarded as one of the most successful Vocalist of North India and Central Asia. In 1972, he was the First Person from J&K to whom Sangeet Natak Academy Award was given by the President of India.

He was honored with Robe of Honour By Jammu and Kashmir Academy of Art, Culture and Languages, Pride of Performance, Kala Kendra and Golden Jubilee Award – All India Radio by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India. He remained a leading Sufi singer and instrumentalist (Santoor) of Kashmir at global level. In 1944, Taj Company of Lahore recorded some Solo instrumental Santoor recitals/wadans of Ustaad Tibetbaqal besides other recitations and…

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