Beyond the second ridge lies LoC.

River carries with it
Snow of distant peaks,
Floating memories
Twigs, leaves.

Only a few miles west
it would be stripped
at the border, asked
to produce a permit,
shot dead or may be not.

Waters were negotiated upon;
so the river travels seamlessly
only a few miles west
to another country.

On its bank, I heard
a cuckoo speak
“The sun shines during day
and stars illuminate the night sky
even across the border”

“And a few collect the twigs
like memories of childhood;”

smell of dead wood, so familiar
grief and longing, so natural
decades of hope; still alive,
even across the border”

One day the river would flow
eastwards, said the old man
whose corpse floated across,
only a few miles west
and met his children
across the border.


5 thoughts on “Suran

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  2. Its very original….this poem exudes love for commonness between the lands on both sides of the border…a very good poem for peace…and this poem in its own way speaks words of wisdom ofr universal brotherhood….i liked your poem….aur bolte haina…isme desi mitee ki khushboooo hai…:)

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