The silence of tulips and roses, western wind’s songs
The heart conceals the unheard, singing only the silent songs

What could i write of Delhi, its streets and taverns
It is but a word, composed of a thousand songs

Winter draws upon your eyes, fog, ice and cold
What’s left of summer, of monsoon drenched songs

Borders and boundaries, us and them
But wind’s a coward, it carries across many a songs

Will the blossoming garden wait for my return
Voice of shepherd, echoed as the mountain song

Travellers met but for a while, that seemed forever
“Have a safe journey”, they said, “such are life’s songs”

A wish is all that is left
When all is said, even the last love song

Who’s a poet, who’s Uzair
Isn’t thought absurd, all I am, a tangled song



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