We Never Leave

The scent of airport coffee
Fabric of 747’s window seat
Flight attendant’s rude smile
Places we are going to see
We never leave.

Clouds filled with stories
Winds carrying memories
The bright sunshine ever so smiles
Where are we headed to?
For, We never leave.

The city lost its color
The roads scattered themselves around
The houses, torn down
Years and months passed by in absence, but
We never leave.

When did we return?
asks the baker, everytime
we visit the downtown shop of memory
I remind him yet again
We never leave.

But where were you
The child in me questions
I never looked under the bed
No, I wasn’t afraid
Heart is a strange place
And I always knew
We never leave.


Mujhe Khaak Mein Mila Kar, Meri Khaak Bhi uDa De
Tere Naam Par Mita Hun, Mujhe Kya Garaz Nishaan Se
~ Hazrat Bedam Shah Warsi


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