Pyx #5

Some days the mind is a raging fire and in the smoke everything hides beneath the haze. But some days, it is like a pristine lake, stable and clear. It is in the lake that you can find the reflection of your own self. It is on the surface of the lake that the waves will show you the direction of the winds. Find this lake, immerse in it and learn to move on. Let it wash away all the tiredness, all the emotions. Let it be your savior. Find it.

And remember some stories are best left incomplete, best left in transition.

Pyx #4

Few people realize that they are looking at the world of their own thoughts and the world of their own feelings~ Wallace Stevens

I have held this belief that everyone has a different system function when it comes observing and interpreting reality. There are aspects of conversations that go unnoticed by some and other would just pounce on these. Senseless for some, at times is all that makes sense for others. The reason for this is everyone has a different viewpoint of seemingly universal reality. And so everyone has a different way of looking at reality even facts of life. Lost in this conundrum arises the question of existence of reality as it is and not as I or someone else sees it. Ever more confusing is the thought that the system functions are constantly being shaped by the interactions with outside. Every single operation modifies it and sometimes these modifications are large enough to change the nature of function. This is the closest I have gotten to reality

I preach there are all kinds of truth, your truth and somebody else’s. But behind all of them there is only one truth and that is that there’s no truth ~ Flannery O’Connor

Pyx #3

In this journey of a year and half and of about seventy posts, the gossip wasn’t about the near surrounding. My endeavors of writing about experiences and ideas that are far stretched at times from the reality, but still are based on little experiences of life have had a strike. There are hardly a few posts describing the experiences of eternal routine, disgruntling the few who know Uzair all too well.
Shying away from immediate reality and not appreciating the amazing events of present is part of psyche, hard coded may be. At times one needs insanity to acknowledge he has been lucky, being sober ain’t that great when emotions try filling in the little self created voids of expression.  Delusional grandeur of future, the immersion in past keeps one away from flights of today. It is amazing how an event can completely realign the course of things. It is in this liminality that we rediscover ourselves, before we plunge into the wide ocean once again.

Pyx #2

I lost a friend years ago. My memory was burdened as he slipped far below. Then came along a pen that he gifted which refreshed everything. I can never prove that he exists. I can only claim by experience, he does. And experiences are personal, very personal! If the association is absent, I may never remember him again because pure reason would fail him till eternity.

Pyx #1

Escapism is the easiest route out, an acknowledgement of the fact that I am too weak to face the guns. The realization that it isn’t the fair way out isn’t hard to come by either. In this everlasting tussle of desires and actions, lack of latter is a crime as well. The quest of shattering the glass house of comfort, to have a truer attempt at conquering the distant desires is marred by inabilities of standing by dreams.  Such a guilt builds up until it is too heavy to be carried on converting glass into concrete and hopes into wishes.
  I have to codify the secret of alleviation. Waiting for a storm to pass does not help when I know it might never end. The doldrums have winds but the winds aren’t strong enough for a sail. We could lock ourselves in and pretend we lost the keys, pretend we are helpless and broken, pretend destiny was such, all until we have lost our dreams. And then look back and concede defeat at the hands of inaction not inability.