Alif Allah Wariso

Alif Allah
Ratta Dil Mera
Bay di samaj na kaai
Be-Padhyan Kuj samaj na aave
Lazaat alif di aayi
Ain and Gain da farq na jaana
Gal Alif samajhayi
Alif Allah
Bullah Kaul Alif de pooray
Dil di karan safai

My heart is filled with oneness

Of a second, I comprehend nothing
I fail to read beyond beyond Alif.
For I can only savorĀ  Alif
I know nothing of difference between ain and gain(seen and unseen),
Alif explains so

Alif reveals the complete truth
to the hearts filled with purity

(For many who asked what does the picture signify.
More insights here)